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About Us

Mitti Ke Rang is a social venture dedicated to empowering widows & women.

  • Project Livelihood: Supporting Local women entrepreneurs to sell the products made by them through our E-commerce Website.

  • Project Fundraising - We do a fundraiser to support various causes such as families affected due to COVID, Natural Calamities, Health & Education through Direct Bank Transfer, which help families to overcome challenges they face. 

  • Humans of Mitti Ke Rang Podcast -  A series of interactive Sessions with people doing exceptional work in their respective domains. Currently on a mission to bring 200 Speakers from 200 Countries on our Podcast.

  • Project Reading - DE Coding-For the children, we have started a community centre with a library. Recently, Project Reading has integrated the uneducated widows and senior citizens from low-income backgrounds as well.

  • Project  Advocacy-Creating awareness is of primary importance, especially when it comes to widows, as very few people are working towards it. We as a country have more than 42 Million Widows in India. Therefore, it is very imperative to create advocacy to involve more people in helping them.

  • Project Hi-tech Community learning resource centre-One of its kind, a Hi-Tech & a Community Co-working space. This is the first time that in a slum area we would be witnessing such a space. It won't be less than an actual Corporate office or a Coworking area.

  • Project Digital - Accelerating Digital Literacy: Empowering women to use the internet.-Everyone always talks about the lack of women in tech—and we can't argue with the statistics. But it doesn’t have to stay that way! These days, there are more area-for-women resources than ever to help women break into the technology industry.

  • Together we can crack the code, to ensure women and girls, including those in rural settings, have equal opportunities to contribute to and benefit from a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

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What does 'Mitti Ke Rang'


Mitti Ke Rang, in Hindi, means '“Colors of Soil'” which symbolises the diversity of soils, which form the foundation of this Earth. Similarly, women too,
come from various cultural backgrounds and diverse households, which form the very foundation of our society.
We believe that “Together we are Stronger.”

MKR presents itself as a platform
of information and a network of partnerships, “created on the basis of trust'” amongst all those working towards women empowerment.

Mitti Ke Rang

Mitti Ke Rang is a non-profit organisation working towards generating livelihood for women.

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