Are you planning to leave your full-time job? Wish to take your startup full time and walk the entrepreneurship path?

Are you planning to leave your full-time job? Wish to take your startup full time and walk the entrepreneurship path?

Are you planning to leave your full-time job? Going from Zero to 3.

3 exceptional years, 3 golden lessons! A journey that started in 2019 halted in 2020 & fast-tracked in 2021.

Today it will be 3 years since I left my job at The Bank of New York Mellon. I still can not believe I spent 7 formidable years of my life there.

I am sure most of you have experienced that strong urge to do something totally new. Some call it following a passion, others say stepping out of the comfort zone. Few will call it absolute madness.

But I simply call it taking a tiny step towards something I believed in and that was Mitti Ke Rang (MKR)

Back then, Mitti Ke Rang was nothing. But a belief of me and my co-founder Saket Deshmukh, a belief that we can do something useful and satisfying.

MKR had grown by 2018 and managing a full-time job along with it was more than just demanding.

In 2019 January, I did 2 weeks of backpacking. Travel always reveals so much about yourself. During the journey, I realized it is time to take a risk and give it a shot to Mitti Ke Rang.

Saying I want to quit my job was not the option, so I told my family that my company was kicking me out.

I knew my mom will never agree. After doing my B. Com. I came to Pune in 2012 with 1,000 INR to look for a job. As we weren't good financially. And after a month’s struggle got a job at BNY. This past would never allow my mom to say “Ja beta Ji le apni Zindagi”.

The first day was pretty intense. I remember just sitting in the room alone for a while, figuring out what next would come my way.

Below are pointers that helped immensely.

1) I had Zero loans on me - a lot of times because of family or social pressure we take loans for Cars or homes. Luckily, I was away from that. Which really helped me decide to leave the job instantly.

“Do not buy things which you do not need with the money. You do not have to impress people you do not care about you.”

2) Network - As kids, they taught us not to talk with strangers but trust me. Talking and connecting with strangers is the most important skill in today's world. I am a great believer of - Make connections when you don't need them the most. I kept making people, networking across the fields. Which helped me to learn so much about culture, language, etc.

3) Trust - Because of the consistency of 7 years. Everyone associated with MKR had received great trust from all across. Because your work speaks a lot more than just words. Long-term trust is very hard to build. Because here you have to everyday get up and work. With no fixed plan, what the future would hold for you?

4) Just start and work consistently.

We think we can follow our passion or do that project if only we quit our day jobs. But, in my experience, the best thing is to start something while you are in your full-time job. And keep running that parallel for a couple of years. And, once you are sure that now you can take it full time, go for it.

This I did for 7 years. Every day waking up, go for a job, and after that work around MKR. That gave me a lot of opportunities to experiment. Make mistakes, make new friends, travel. & then figure out the best possible way to create social impact.

To start something useful in a new field. You need insights in a field and those insights will come when you work for free. My job allowed me to do the work without worrying about the money.

5) Just launch - The moment an idea is stuck, just launch and learn from that. We always make the mistake of sitting on an idea to wait for the best time. And, trust me with my experience, the best time never comes. So, just launch, and keep improvising.

And, it's almost 3 years now. I can so proudly say that I took that decision.

I have been fortunate to have some excellent friends & support throughout.

This is the link to our Mitti Ke Rang Social eCommerce website. Where we have products from more than 200+ Women Entrepreneurs from across India. Across 50+ Categories.

Jai ho ❤️
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