Holi - Tips to recover wet phone

Holi Celebrations - How to protect your smartphone?


Holi Our favorite festival is here and we are sure you are ready for the celebrations with organic colors from Mitti Ke Rang.

We love playing Holi with water but we even love our smartphones and want to make sure our phones are safe and working and we can click those lovely pictures   However, in case your phone gets wet accidentally, the Following tips will be handy. 

​Step 1 : Turn off the phone and remove the cover or screen protector 

Our immediate response is to check if the phone is working but please control it. Checking your wet phone can damage it. Turn off the phone as soon as you notice that the phone has come in contact with water/ any liquid. Also, remove the back cover and screen guard to remove all the excess water that may be around the device. Now just take a dry cloth and clean your phone 

Step 2 - Remove the SIM card 

Remove the SIM card slot after completely drying the phone. This will protect the SIM or memory card from getting damaged.

Step 3 - Put it in plastic bag 

Once you remove your SIM card, find a plastic bag and put your phone in it till you reach home. Just remove all the air possible from the bag.

Step 4 : Leave the phone overnight inside bag of rice

Put the phone inside a bag of rice and let it dry. This can help evaporate the water out. The ideal time is considered to be 48 hours or slightly more, but if you don’t have this time, then at least put the phone overnight..

These 4 steps will take protect your phone and restore it back. 

There are few things which you should avoid doing 

Things to avoid 

1. Don’t shake your phone to take out water

Shaking the phone can lead to the water inside traveling to other parts and damaging the circuit. 

2. Don’t dry your phone using a hair dryer

You might think that a hairdryer can quickly soak  the water inside the phone. No, this instead can damage your phone’s circuitry . For instance, the hot air directly on the display can damage the internal wiring, may even melt it, and end up completely damaging the phone.

3. Never charge your phone when it’s wet

Last but most important - Never charge your phone when it is wet. We all have a temptation to test if the phone is all-right  but this may lead to a short circuit and also has electric shock risk. In case some water has gone inside the charging port, this may make it spread inside.

We wish you a very happy Holi , enjoy the festival….. 

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