Journey from Zero to 5 Lakhs in 120 days!

Journey from Zero to 5 Lakhs in 120 days!

870 orders - 5,00,000 + INR (Half a Million) Revenue - 120 Days

Yes, you read that right - This is the impact you created.

Since January 2020, we have started receiving calls/emails/social Dms from all over India. There was an uncanny need. Women Entrepreneurs wanted to sell online. Our initial reaction was they can do it on Amazon, they don’t need us.

We had no intention to become a marketplace. We thought we could not do it. But, we realized selling on Amazon is not that easy for women entrepreneurs.

We wanted to help, so we jumped with no plan or experience in E-commerce. We knew a bit of technology, and we had a powerful community of people like you who supported Mitti Ke Rang.

On the 25th February we started our E-commerce platform for women entrepreneurs. We had no clue how things would shape up. We had entered unknown territory.

All that could go wrong went wrong for us. Starting with the return of the covid, the issues with shipping, systems crashing, we overcame all these hurdles with your support and the never say die attitude of women entrepreneurs.


Slowly but surely we figured out how to handle any volume, traffic henceforth.

Thank you all for trusting Mitti Ke Rang. We can not find words to express our gratitude. You will experience constant improvement based on your feedback. Our aim is to deliver the best possible experience to all our supporters.

When we started Mitti Ke Rang e-commerce, we had one goal. We wanted you to buy products because they are good and not with the only intention of supporting the women.



Today we have 30% repeat customers. They all buy because they like products.

150 five star reviews for products - 150 plus repeat buyers

On the 25th of February, we never thought we could achieve anything tangible in 4 months.

It all started with Holi colors.

While talking to our women entrepreneur from Uttarakhand. She mentioned they are facing difficulties in selling Holi colors. We discussed her challenges within the MKR team.

We thought, let's try if we can help them with some promotions which would convert to sales. Our fear was we won't be able to sell a single box. To be honest, our fear was stronger than our hope.

We gave an honest attempt. Thanks to our wonderful team we could get an order for 500 Boxes in just 15 days.

Since then we never looked back. We onboarded women entrepreneurs from across India. We knew we had to generate orders for these entrepreneurs. There is nothing else they need. 

This time we had a plan - A dedicated 24 hour campaign for each product. We kept a target to sell 30 products each day.

This experiment turned out to be super successful. In April alone, we generated 326 orders worth 1,50,000+ INR. We kept improving day by day and made sure the customer experience was better and better.

The Jute Laptop bag was our first product in the campaign. We are marching ahead with more varieties of products and maintaining diversity.

In these 120 days, the biggest learning for us was, 'Plan less act more'

Initially, we thought with some 'research' we can predict what product people will buy. The only outcome of this research? We delayed launching products. We thought the 'X' product would be a rock star, and it turned out to be a total flop.

The primary lesson we learned - Our job is to publish the product. & not speculating which one will generate more orders.

Women Entrepreneurs -

We learned a lot in 120 days. We realized there is an enormous gap of knowledge, information & expertise in execution. To fill up the gap, we started a weekly meet every Friday with women entrepreneurs.

Digital Marketing - We have assisted women entrepreneurs with Digital Marketing. We focus on how they can leverage them for connecting with more like-minded people and sales.

What we did not expect -

  • These many orders from across India - 300+ Cities
  • There are many women entrepreneurs coming forward to list their products.
  • Covid - Each state comes up with its own restrictions and other challenges related to it.
  • Tons of parcels getting canceled, returned, damaged, delivery people not delivering to the address, and a 25% surge in shipping rates.
  • We will need automation in such a quick time.
  • Women entrepreneurs face tons of challenges to get raw materials, high cost of everything.

But we survived, and BOOM here we are. Now all set to double down on the growth with more systems, automation, and SOP in place.

What our entrepreneurs have to say.


This big opportunity has not only given them a sense of confidence and independence, but has also helped them earn more than 5 Lakh INR in just 120 Days.

We, at MKR, are blessed to have such amazing women entrepreneurs. They are ready to go the extra step to make the customer experience more awesome.

Couldn't be more thankful to all the customers for believing in us with their orders, even though we were so new to this. They showed lots of patience when it came to delays of shipment due to COVID. And, nothing can be more joyful than seeing that we have 150+ repeat customers.

This all happened in just 4 months, so we could say now we are ready to take the next step.

Let your near and dear ones know about the impact you have created in the life of women & their families. Don't forget to visit the platform and hunt for some amazing and unique products. You won't regret it.

To Support & Order - Shipping all over India visit Mitti Ke Rang


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Dearest Team,

I am so happy to see the MKR grow and in the process help the entire ecosystem to prosper. This is what Entrepreneurship is all about. Amit, congratulations to you for building this around you. I ordered around 70 odd boxes of Ragi Laddo in Diwali for my team, every box was delivered on time in the best quality. Mehak Bansal was in complete command handling each delivery and keeping me updated for 3 days as deliveries were re-tried on some occasions. The Product “Ragi Laddoos” were incredible from Sucheta (Earth Purna). I wish you un-bound success and joy in what you guys are doing. I wish luck to all the ladies entrepreneurs and i am sure this platform will grow leaps and bounds in coming years. I am around if you need anything from me.

Go and Capture the world and Make India the best place to live

Much Love

Ripudaman Singh Nanda

Wow! what a wonderful and fruitful journey….


Hats off to you MKR team for all the efforts and support to women entrepreneurs!!

Simran Rajesh Panjabi

This s so very inspiring. Salute to the resilience of women entrepreneurs and MKR team, it’s a great combination of sheer determination and strength of mind. Alk the best.

Anjana Bhattacharjee

This is so awesome!!! Wonderful journey!! Congratulations and Best wishes to the Team MKR

Swati Mate

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