Section 8 -  Mitti Ke Rang has got an 80G certificate for donations.

Section 8 - Mitti Ke Rang has got an 80G certificate for donations.

Mitti Ke Rang is a Section 8 and 80G certified. 

All taxpayers are eligible to make donations to charity under Section 80G. And claim a deduction, subject to limits set down by the government. 

Also now we are eligible for CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility)  as well. So, for any company that does CSR, we can discuss the same.

Mitti Ke Rang works for the livelihood of women entrepreneurs from across India. We have an eCommerce platform where we onboard products made by them. We help them market their products, digitize their business, help with outreach, sales and growth.

Ecommerce platform -

There is a complete lack of funding options for women entrepreneurs.

Providing liquidity to female entrepreneurs with business grants to scale their small businesses.

In the rapidly changing modern economy, entrepreneurs need access to fresh capital for new products, research goals, and fluctuating inventories. 

Women entrepreneurs are starting businesses at a faster rate than ever before, and they need support. 

  1. Capacity building
  2. Buy raw materials
  3. Product packaging
  4. Social Media promotion
  5. Content and graphics creation
  6. Experimentation with new products
  7. product development
  8. Marketing
  9. Warehouse
  10.  Education for their kids 
  11.  Giving more employment to women in their locality
  12.  Medical Insurance
  13.  Training of tech, computer, etc

So, we are trying to solve two challenges.

  1. The entrepreneurs who have the resources nearby. And, need funds for the above 13 pointers.
  2. Villages/Rural Locations - Women Entrepreneurs & SHG Groups who do not have any.

Both the challenges are very different from each other.

Villages/Rural Locations - Women Entrepreneurs & SHG Groups are facing many challenges like -

  1. Training - Most of the SHG groups and women entrepreneurs need the training to make the products or say ideas. And, say if they know what to make then.
  2. They cannot make products and keep them with them, because credit becomes a challenge. And, once the order comes they cannot ship it because in the local area they are not proper shipping partners, they cannot also pack the product because of lack of knowledge and resources.
  3. So, in order to make provide them livelihood, we need to get the products at the warehouse and then ship them to customers as we get the orders for their products.
  4. And, for that, we need to hire someone locally and then start the process.

A collaborative entrepreneur community for women entrepreneurs.

Capital, Coaching, and Connections.

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