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Maniams Tula Stacking Balancing Wooden Toy for Toddlers I Enhancers Palmar and Pincer Grips

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About Tula:

Chari,Karagam,Bhavai are folk dance forms of India where dancers balance pots on their heads. These are all dance forms which are auspicious. Like Karagam is a dance form that's performed to invoke the rain god's and Chari is a celebration of collection of water in pots. All these dance forms are very unique to our culture. Taking inspiration from these folk art forms of India we Studio Maniams bring to you our new toy TULA. Toddlers enjoy stacking blocks as high as possible and then watching what happens when they knock them down. This is one way that toddlers develop fine motor skills and explore concepts like geometry, problem-solving, and cause and effect.

Age group: 1 year & above,Endless way to stack and play

Learning outcomes from Tula:

Hand-eye coordination : by stacking the Tula pieces on top of each other, your child is developing a connection between their arms, hands and fingers.

Problem solving skills : this one is multifaceted in that your child will learn the size of pieces that can go on top of each other, how smaller pieces are more stable when placed on larger pieces and also how to ensure their creation can get bigger.

Cause and effect understanding : the ‘what happens if I do this’ question is so important for children to develop a sense of curiosity and experimentation. This question is one we should all be asking, no matter what our age. 

Fine motor skill development : when it's a small pieces, turning it in your fingers and placing it gently in place requires definite motor skills, and Tula gives so many opportunities to develop this skill.

Pincer Grasp: The use of the pincer grasp is the beginning of your child’s developing dexterity, and is important in allowing them to take part in manipulative play. The pincer grasp describes the grasp your child uses when they pinch an object between their thumb and forefinger.

You’ll see your child using this grasp when they pick up blocks and stack them, and it gives them much more control than grabbing with their palm.

Once your child starts to get the hang of stacking, you can make a game of it. Challenge your child either to compete against you or to compete against their own best time in stacking as many blocks as possible without their Tula toppling over.

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