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Pineapple Jam 250g

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Venture Name- Anubhuti Social Empowerment and Educational Foundation

Anubhuti was born out of a dream to help rural farmers and provide the urban with true, nourishing food. It infuses the taste of the earth with fine delicacy to give the consumers fruits and vegetables that are free of unnecessary foreign preservatives. They receive the produce from the local farmers in the biodiverse Mulshi valley of Pune. Each product you buy empowers a farmer to live with dignity in a rapidly evolving world, where their agricultural roots are falling behind.

About the Product-  

Craving for the Pineapple ka taste and rich flavour when it isn’t the pineapple season? Look no further! Made with 100% real pineapples which are naturally grown and handpicked for processing, we bring to you yummy, uniquely flavoured jam with delicious taste. Using fresh natural produce ensures that the jam contains the natural fruit flavour.

This Pineapple Jam will leave you captivated in the smell, sweetness and fresh taste of mangoes. Think of different ways to eat it. Spread it on a crunchy cracker, roll it up in a chapati, drink it stirred in milk or whip up a bread and Jam delight for your kids breakfast with an assortment of flavors. It is perfect for all ages- from mothers to kids and brings a big smile.

They are hygienically prepared with usage of Class II preservatives. and packed with loads of nutrients and antioxidants. No artificial colours are used in the process of making.

These are easy to use and can be enjoy every morning.

Let’s turn a boring breakfast into an empty plate. Today, let’s make the choice to eat right and tasty! 

Ingredients used:

As part of our mission to help create a tastier, more sustainable food system, we make the Jam made with Pineapple juice (out of fresh pineapple), sugar and Class II preservatives.

Shelf life: 12 months 

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

Weight: 250g pack

Caution: Do refrigerate after opening the pack.

Reason to buy from us-

All the ingredients used in our products are handpicked, natural and healthy. We just do not mix these ingredients, rather we add a pinch of our love and passion for the ultimate and homely in every product. From making to packaging, each and every process is done by hand to deliver the purest products because you deserve the best, healthy and tastiest of all.

Women Entrepreneur: Dr. Harsha Joshi 

Eager to know how it started?

Born and brought up in Junagarh, Gujarat, Harsha completed her Doctorate in Development, worked with BAIF and her study area of Uttar Pradesh. As a Director of Akshara Program (launched in 2005), she worked for education for the last 15 years in the Rural part of Mulshi valley. Then, always in her talks with the youth in Mulshi, she would motivate farmers, especially women to live a life of dignity. Ample resources were brought in the rural part of Mulshi. Young deserving girls could learn the skills like stitching and the young boys learned the skills of canning of food products to cater the requirements of the Urban part of the city. Tribal youth came forward to help us collect tamarind or Jamuns and other farm produce used in the making.

Through Anubhuti all the women of the village got motivated and started a life with a stand of their own. After all the groundwork from 2010, 'Anubhuti Social Empowerment and Educational Foundation' registered in 2016. Harsha's dream project came into existence in the form of Anubhuti!!!

Through her business, she firmly believes to give maximum employment opportunities to working ladies around her, during and after the pandemic.

Anubhuti runs with the objective: “Savour the earthly taste & Save Farming in Mulshi with Anubhuti” and it is 100% loyal to it.

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